JH Technology Associates, LLC (JHTA-LLC) Advisory and Consulting Services
 JH Technology Associates, LLC  (JHTA-LLC)Advisory and Consulting Services          

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National Academies (National Research Council) Committ on Space-based Additive Manufacturing (COSBAM) Report: "3D Printing in Space"


National Academies (National Research Council) Committee on Space-based Additive Manufacturing (COSBAM)


BruhnSpace Advanced Products, AB


Where to Find Us:

John W. Hines,

   Managing Director - Chief Technologist


Laura L. McArthur-Hines,

    Director - Business Manager


USA Office

548 Market Street #98125

San Francisco, CA 94104-5401


Phone: 408-419-9735



John- email1: john@JHTA-LLC.com

John- email2: johnhines555@gmail.com



Laura- email: laura.the.mac@gmail.com



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